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OnePlus One Review: The one giving the giants a run for their money

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HP PRO SLATE 8 – Protected, powerful, and ultra-mobile

No longer are efficient and aesthetically-pleasing tablets restricted to being manufactured by technology giants like Apple and Samsung. HP might have been rather unimpressive when it comes to its android offerings, but its latest HP Pro slate 8 is perhaps the most intriguing of its complete range of tablets so far. The Pro 8 Slate boasts of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor which allows speedy browsing, housed within a sleek 350 gram body with a 7.9 inch razor-sharp LCD display with the nearly the resolution as the acclaimed Apple Ipad retina display (Plus, 2015).

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Reliable, Sleek and Business ready

Who says power and efficiency cannot be housed within a compact device? Dell sets out to debunk this myth through its Vostro 5470 laptop and boy, does it deliver! The word of the day is simplicity (in design and features), which this model fulfills through its 18.3 mm slim and 1.53 kg lightweight structure available in two stylish colors; Dark silver and maroon.

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Apple MacBook 2015 – Light. Years ahead.

An engineering wonder and a revolution in the laptops industry, the new Apple MacBook is a technology breakthrough for even Apple, which has clearly outdone itself. What Apple has done is combine its Ipad air technology into an iPad sized notebook and has named it MacBook. Available in three colors( Gold, Silver and Space Gray), 13.1 mm thin and 2 lbs. in weight, the New Apple Notebook boasts of a crisp 12 inch Retina display with edge-to-edge glass in a minimalist design yet high aesthetic value. Light, thin and quiet, the Apple MacBook is being dubbed as the future of modern laptops (Harrison, 2015). The force touch technology makes the keyboard more responsive and intelligent reinventing how one interacts with their MacBook (Apple, 2015). However, this may not suit all users and would require some time to get used to the swift response technology. The single USB port would require additional adapters to connect multiple peripheral devices and the internal upgrade options are not provided with this MacBook. Even though the 1.1 GHz processor housed within the New MacBook is slower than the current one use in the latest Apple air, the MacBook does not lag behind on performance and speed (Wollman, 2015).

A popular gadget for Apple enthusiasts and a source of inspiration for the industry, the latest Apple MacBook Pro is approximately priced at Rs.140,000 and Macbook Air is at Rs. 119,000 in Pakistan. It can be bought at various laptop outlets and as well as online electronics and gadget stores.

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Under the aptly named Yoga series by Lenovo, the Yoga 3 Pro is perhaps the most flexible and thinnest laptop of the series with the ability to lie at 180 degrees flat (Wollman, 2014). It comes with an Intel Core M-5Y71 and 8GB DDR3L- 1600 memory and weighs 2.6lbs as compared to 3.0lbs for Yoga 2 Pro. As the pioneer of convertible laptops, Lenovo has sought to make its most recent offering lighter and thinner, which was possible through the TDP chips of the Core M series which was physically smaller and lighter than the ones used in the predecessors (Howse, 2015). Yoga 3 offers a 13.3″ Glossy display with Gorilla glass and touchscreen and is available in Light Silver, Clementine Orange and Golden colors.

In Pakistan, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is available at various electronics outlets as well as online gadget retail stores within the range of Rs. 129,000- Rs.155,999. It is advisable to compare prices and specifications to arrive at the best alternative for the Lenovo Yoga 3 offerings. Apart from online laptop dealers, the official Lenovo website in Pakistan provides information about authorized electronics stores where the latest Lenovo offerings are hosted. Lenovo website in Pakistan can be accessed through the following URL:


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