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Under the aptly named Yoga series by Lenovo, the Yoga 3 Pro is perhaps the most flexible and thinnest laptop of the series with the ability to lie at 180 degrees flat (Wollman, 2014). It comes with an Intel Core M-5Y71 and 8GB DDR3L- 1600 memory and weighs 2.6lbs as compared to 3.0lbs for Yoga 2 Pro. As the pioneer of convertible laptops, Lenovo has sought to make its most recent offering lighter and thinner, which was possible through the TDP chips of the Core M series which was physically smaller and lighter than the ones used in the predecessors (Howse, 2015). Yoga 3 offers a 13.3″ Glossy display with Gorilla glass and touchscreen and is available in Light Silver, Clementine Orange and Golden colors.

In Pakistan, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is available at various electronics outlets as well as online gadget retail stores within the range of Rs. 129,000- Rs.155,999. It is advisable to compare prices and specifications to arrive at the best alternative for the Lenovo Yoga 3 offerings. Apart from online laptop dealers, the official Lenovo website in Pakistan provides information about authorized electronics stores where the latest Lenovo offerings are hosted. Lenovo website in Pakistan can be accessed through the following URL:


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