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Stepping into the Smart light era- The (Phillips)Hue factor

Philips, the pioneering giant in smart bulbs industry, has taken the controlled light market by storm with its Philips Hue series. Highly priced yet super innovative, Smart bulbs are allowing owners to control their light color, tone and intensity with the help of their cellphones. Apart from the Hue application, third party apps are also supported to provide greater ease and room for variety to the customers.

The growing competition in the smart bulbs market with players like LIFX introducing features like social media integration and recurring light themes, threatened to outshine the market leader (Digital Trends, 2015). The strong comeback by Philips through its Philips Hue Go lights, all set to be launched in June this year, is perhaps a reassertion that the leader is not yet ready to be intimidated. The new Phillips Hue Go is a portable half-sphere wireless bowl of light which promises a variety of never-before features (The Verge, 2015). From email and social network integration (programmable change in lights for various notifications), greater light customization option, a wider array of available colors(millions of shades to choose from!) and easier programming options, the estimated $100 price at which Phillips Hue Go is said to be sold at seems pretty reasonable (, 2015). The Hue Go with its easy-on-the-eyes design which allows manual as well as cellular activation and control can be used for multiple reasons ranging from better visibility in dark closet ends to an innovative living room centerpiece. The three hours running time and automated control to prolong battery life makes this creation a must-have for technology enthusiasts who seek to become a part of the smart lighting revolution. The previous offerings under the Philips Hue lighting series are available in Pakistan Rs. 48,000 for a three-bulb starter pack.

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