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Under the aptly named Yoga series by Lenovo, the Yoga 3 Pro is perhaps the most flexible and thinnest laptop of the series with the ability to lie at 180 degrees flat (Wollman, 2014). It comes with an Intel Core M-5Y71 and 8GB DDR3L- 1600 memory and weighs 2.6lbs as compared to 3.0lbs for Yoga 2 Pro. As the pioneer of convertible laptops, Lenovo has sought to make its most recent offering lighter and thinner, which was possible through the TDP chips of the Core M series which was physically smaller and lighter than the ones used in the predecessors (Howse, 2015). Yoga 3 offers a 13.3″ Glossy display with Gorilla glass and touchscreen and is available in Light Silver, Clementine Orange and Golden colors.

In Pakistan, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is available at various electronics outlets as well as online gadget retail stores within the range of Rs. 129,000- Rs.155,999. It is advisable to compare prices and specifications to arrive at the best alternative for the Lenovo Yoga 3 offerings. Apart from online laptop dealers, the official Lenovo website in Pakistan provides information about authorized electronics stores where the latest Lenovo offerings are hosted. Lenovo website in Pakistan can be accessed through the following URL:


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Facebook’s INTERNET.ORG in Pakistan

The disparity in internet connectivity can impose unfair disadvantage upon the sections of the society that are not as privileged as the affluent classes. Provision of equitable facilities to the deprived masses has been a priority for businesses as well as governments.

Facebook launched the initiative in 2013 with the aim of providing free limited-internet access to the developing countries (Curtis, 2015). With the help of a smartphone and the partnering network operator’s connection, the masses will have access to popular websites like Facebook, Google search etc. With more than 10 countries already on-board with the initiative, Pakistan has very recently been the newest country to be granted this service. Available to Telenor customers exclusively for the launch, the app enables free access to internet-bound websites. The implications for such a facility in Pakistan are boundless, empowering the unconnected masses to make use of the internet to communicate freely, establish efficient business communication patterns etc. the integration of technology and digital communication can help them revolutionize their small-scale business and provide them with global connectivity for free.

The catch for Facebook is perhaps the much debated net neutrality, or lack of it (Russell, 2015). This service provides enormous advantages to the exclusive service provider as well as the Facebook Corp. in terms of greater market capturing. It conveniently provides partial access to internet that is aimed at fulfilling its vested interest. However, viewing the glass half full perspective, something is definitely better than something. has been launched in Pakistan on 28th May 2015 giving the 85% of the unconnected Pakistani population the opportunity to avail free internet access through the Telenor network. Only the future will reveal its implications and faring in the country.

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Apple Watch – An incredibly precise timepiece

The advent of wearable gadgets, particularly watches, have revolutionized how we want our timepieces to be. The demand for smarter and more interactive watches that serve as a fashion statement is perhaps best demonstrated by the Apple Watch. The super stylish Apple Watch has a battery life of one day and comes in three variations, Sport, Watch and Edition, priced from $340 to $10,000 (Beavis, 2015).

What makes it worth the cost? Well for starters, it gives you your cellphone on your wrist. From making and receiving calls, having your whole contact list handy, viewing and sending texts, having personalized emojis and programmable apps on your Apple Watch, you can make use of this luxury jewelry to track your phone, sync with your other apple devices and obviously, keep time. The timekeeping element of the Apple Watch includes alarms, stopwatch, sunset and sunrise time, weather, world clock etc (Gorman, 2015). Personalization can be done by changing the colors of the watch screen and adjusting the number of widgets.

The simpler the number of apps, the easier it will be operate otherwise it may become too complicated (Boxall, 2015). With everything you need (and more) housed within this engineering wonder called the Apple Watch, there are only a few reasons that could encourage you not to, including lack of compatibility with third party apps and social alienation that might result when you do two socially rude things at once, look at your watch AND your phone at the same time when you look at your Apple Watch.

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Apple TV – All things entertaining

All set to be revealed at the 26th annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June this year, Apple’s new creation, the Apple TV, is already being dubbed the ‘reincarnation of TV streaming’ (, 2015). Leaving no stones unturned, Apple has outdone itself as far as the speculated features of the New Apple TV are concerned. Apple enthusiasts all over the world intently await the launch of this revolutionary offering which would allow access to a variety of HD content, wirelessly sync option with other apple devices and Siri voice activated controls. That’s not all, with its customized A8 chip, the new Apple TV is also going to offer greater storage space, access to third party apps and home automation features (BuzzFeed, 2015).

That pretty much means that all that’s left is some popcorn and your Apple TV handles the rest, providing round the clock entertainment and so much content to choose from! Considering the long gap since Apple last sought to update its software, the company has been able to successfully overcome its failed talks with Comcast, to partner with ‘HBO Now’, which is said to provide exclusive services to Apple TV users (Keach Hagey, 2015). With its force touch remote system that will allow swifter navigation with sensitive touch sensors and the prime sensor technology which is likely to revolutionize the way one interacts with their TV, Apple is rightly predicted to make a significant presence in our living rooms very soon (Haslam, 2015). Apple’s official website lists the price of Apple TV as ‘starting at $69’ with the HBO Now subscription costing at about $15 dollars a month (Apple, 2015).

Equivalent to almost Rs. 7000, It can be speculated that the lower price of the New Apple TV, as compared to Rs. 11,000 for Apple TV 3, can be successful in generating greater demand in Pakistan for quality content streaming, something we haven’t been able to enjoy thanks to the senseless bans on video streaming sites like Youtube.. Needless to say, Apple is all set to take over the TV streaming market with a storm, digitalizing the conventional TV experience with more efficient technological integration and greater automation.

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